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    Hades gifts -Camellia Dynasty Foxes(black and White)


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    Hades gifts -Camellia Dynasty Foxes(black and White)

    Post  Azulafan199 on Wed Jan 04, 2012 12:14 am

    (I did a group Order for 2 CD Foxes a few months ago they finally came in. I meet up with my friend Ice and here are some pictures I took of there box openings. I got the Foxes with blushing and face ups.)
    Zoey and her gift from her Father Hades

    Zoey: Get on with it. This box isn't as light as it looks.
    Me: Hold on I've got to take the picture.

    Zoey: Pillows?
    Me: What under the pillows?

    Zoey:I really don't care...
    Me: Zoey come on just pick up the pillow and quiet complaining .


    Zoey: *Sigh*..fine
    Me: So what's under it?

    Zoey: HUH?

    Zoey: Its a mutt.
    Me: He gave you a Hell hound puppy?

    Zoey: Sweet..Ok killer...kill everyone now.
    Puppy: *wags tail and barks*

    Zoey: I knew it was too good to be true.
    Me: Aww its so cute.

    Zoey: I don't do cute...send it back.
    Puppy: *Licks*

    Zoey: Eww puppy Gems
    Me: Aww he likes you. So what are you going to call him?

    Zoey: Demon
    Me: Demon ....thats not a nice name.

    Zoey: I'm not nice.
    Me: Well I knew that.

    Me: Admit it Zoey . You think he's cute.
    Zoey: *grumble*..ya what ever.
    Demon: *snuggles up*

    Zack and his gift from his Father Hades.

    Zack: Hurry up take the picture already.
    Me: Okay okay ...

    Zack: Oh love the pillows. there so soft.
    Me: Whats under the pillows?

    Zack: I don't know but i hear breathing and...
    ME: Breathing?

    Zack.: Ahhhhh PUPPY....
    Me: Another one?

    Zack: Awww so cute. She's so cute. She is mine?
    Me:Yup she is all yours.

    Zack: I'm going to call her Snowy.
    Puppy: * Wags tail*

    Me: I think she likes her new name.
    Zack: Ya I can't wait to show her to my friends.

    Zack: I love my Snowy.
    Zack and Snowy.

    My twins and there Hell hound puppies.

    We had a mini meet up at Union Station in Toronto, Canada when I picked up the Foxes from my Friend. Heres a couple of pictures we took at our mini meet.I did the box opening at home after.

    Thanks for looking


    For reference: Demi gods like Zack and Zoey see the puppies like this:

    Mortals see the puppies like this:

    Demon and Snowy

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