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    The Minion (Resinsoul Pixiu)


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    The Minion (Resinsoul Pixiu)

    Post  Azulafan199 on Wed Jan 18, 2012 6:42 pm

    Along awaited arrival of my little Pixiu boy. I named him Styx and he is to be my Nico's little minion. Well on to his opening box pictures.

    The box from Featherfall.

    Paper..My son loved this stuff. He drew Doctor Who pictures for our fridge of of it.

    The shoes are for my Rachel, the Dress is for my Anna Mai and the frog hat is for my Hunter. (little bit extra's I ordered on the side. lol)

    Opening the first box up. Nico helped cause the box kept closing on me.

    Styx is in there somewhere....

    His cute little feety's ...awwww I just love them.

    His tail

    Wigs...slowing getting to him . It was alot of unwrap.

    His little tiny carrying case.

    Pillows..and thanks to Nico again for holding the top up.

    STYX...he is so darn cute. I just love his colour.

    Mr mummy....

    Styx: I don't mean to be rude but to you know where my feet are ? And if its at all possible can you please take these mitts off my hands? There rather heavy.

    Side shot

    Styx(Sadly his grey wig was too big so hes borrowing a wig from my wig pile until he get a grey wig of his own.


    Shhh... be very very quiet I'm hunting Dragons .

    Styx: Sadly they won't let me go naked around here at the Camp. So the girls in the craft area made me a shirt and a loin cloth.


    Thanks for looking


    Snake in the box. This is my pet snake Toothless.

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