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    A satyr's Love- Soom Aphan


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    A satyr's Love- Soom Aphan

    Post  Azulafan199 on Mon Feb 27, 2012 12:35 am

    2 Years ago Soom came out with a little guy I just fell in love with but at the time I had no money for him. I just love the Aphan boy and I got so lucky that I was able to find him used in my own backyard. So last friday me and some friends of mine headed to pick him up and then we went to a meet up at norths_fallen_Angel the next day. Anyways heres his opening photo story.

    Lucian (Lucas)

    So cute toes

    Are you my mommy?

    Meet up pics of him his first day with my crew.
    Lucas is Hunter's Protector.

    Grover and Lucas (Satyr boys. )

    Sexy Satyr (loin cloth made by Avalonafallis at the meet up so he'd stop flashing everyone.

    At the meet up Lucas and Grover meet another wandering Satyr. (Sorry can't remember his name) so I got a picture of the Satyr Love.

    Thanks for looking


    Lucian at home

    My Crew here:
    Camp Half Blood

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