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    Welcome home CJ


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    Welcome home CJ

    Post  Azulafan199 on Mon Jun 04, 2012 7:15 pm

    New Son of Hades

    I got a new boy at Anime North this year on Friday may the 25. Sadly i didn't get a change to take picture of him in his box at AN. i got him from Lexour Academy. His name is CJ (Clyde Johnson) and he is a Islandoll Kevin in tan shin. I've been looking around at YOSD size dolls and when I saw him at AN I just fell in love with him. So this is our new camper to Camp Half Blood.


    Hunter and CJ

    The Big 3

    Hades (CJ), Zeus (Anna Mai) and Poseidon (Kaylee) kids

    At meet up

    Styx and CJ

    My Crew here:
    Camp Half Blood

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