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    Hunter arrival


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    Hunter arrival

    Post  Azulafan199 on Thu Jun 02, 2011 11:03 pm

    My other Son.(Hunter was my first new doll.)
    2 came at once . Hunter and Abby. I got Abby by trading a girl for some Costumes but Abby and I never got along.
    It took Hunter 75 days to get to me and when he did my van wasn't working and I had to wait for a ride into town to get him. It was the longest 2 hours of my life. Plus I had to go over and pick up the girl who I was getting Abby off of. Very long day. I wish I could have kept Abby but the girl was forever telling em it was still her doll and she didn't like how i dressed her and on and on. So now she is out in Newfoundland the doll and well this girl has no say

    Hunter in his box.

    Link saying hello

    All of Hunters stuff and hes been a clothes hog ever since. lol

    Hunter and all his glory.

    Katara in the box

    Max eating the box. Max is a 4 year old AQHA horse who loves to get into things. Everything is ate-able and he just loves to be the center of attention .

    Thanks for looking.

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