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    When our Trainer of Heros arrived


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    When our Trainer of Heros arrived

    Post  Azulafan199 on Thu Jun 02, 2011 11:14 pm

    This is the second opening pic. I forgot my camera and well this is what I was able to get once I got him home.(there another long story to this box opening but I'm not going to it into it. He had another name but it got changed due to I didn't like the story line. I felt it wasn't what I wanted . So I changed it and if that bad dollie dedicate to dam bad. )
    His name is Chiron Kentavros . Actually Hunter usually called him Professor so its kind stuck with me since I got him. I ordered him with the help of some people on oct 4th and he came in on Dec 10th 2009. He is from Souldoll Zenith Chiron Centaur ver in white. He is 70 cm.

    One huge box

    2 huge boxes.yayayayayaya I feel like the Count from Seasme Street. lol

    Inside of the box. (wow there's lots of bubble wrap and filler) Plus a huge pretty Yellow pillow.

    More bubble wrap with someone in it. and yet another box with his tail in it. lol

    Sneak peek cause I'm evil Smile


    His legs.


    Checking out the Yule tree.(I sold the horns cause they did not fit with who he is. )

    Updated Picture of Chiron

    Thank you for looking.

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