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    Doll Resolutions for 2013


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    Doll Resolutions for 2013 Empty Doll Resolutions for 2013

    Post  Azulafan199 on Mon Jan 28, 2013 1:56 pm

    So I know I'm late with this but its been crazy here for me. So did anyone make any Doll Resolutions this yr?

    My crew for this Yr.

    Hoping to redo their camp half blood orange t-shirts before the Con in Feb.
    I have a bunch of clothes coming from Alice collections and another group order I did for my SD. Finally the boys will have jeans.

    Chiron- New Hair..he so badly needs a brown curly wig, new brown eyes cause his broke in his head. As well as clothes..

    Percy- New hair. Trying to find short hair in black for a boy is hard. That doesn't make him look like a girl or fit over that fat iplehouse head.

    Annabeth- she got a shirt and jeans coming from Alice collations but I want a jean jacket for her. Still looking for that.

    Nico- New eyes

    Clarisse- Send her head to Sirius , tattoos and her scars .

    Travis - new face up to match his new hair.

    Connor- new shirts

    Rachel - oracle outfit made. I got the material just need to make it for her.

    Lucas- New shorts and shirts that belong to him. I swear Hunters going to fry him in oil if he touch his favourite red shirt again.

    Hunter- He really needs to be restrung,

    Drake- A lab coat for my mad scientist .

    Zack- Soccer uniform

    Zoey- Really need to make her Voodoo outfit for her

    Chloe -new dresses and more pink

    Anna Mai- She's love a new outfit

    CJ- Weapons…he so wants his own sword no more clothes dammit.

    Styx- clothes- and new magnets for his wings . and his tattoos added.

    Wheat and Barley minions -clothes (put so hard to find stuff for 10 cm guys)

    My Crew here:
    Camp Half Blood

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