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    News: Azula Offline Due To Tornado


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    News: Azula Offline Due To Tornado Empty News: Azula Offline Due To Tornado

    Post  AvalonaFallis on Thu Jun 09, 2011 2:07 pm

    Azula will be offline until she gets power back. It may be a few days or a week.

    Her house was hit last night by a Tornado. There has been damage to the house and the animals are quite frightened. Azula and her family are safe. No one was hurt. She can be reached still by phone. I can also relay any messages if people so wish.

    I'm wishing her all the best. Thank the Gods and Goddesses and all the powers that be that Azula and her family are safe.
    My heart goes out to everyone else affected by the Tornado last night.

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    News: Azula Offline Due To Tornado Empty Re: News: Azula Offline Due To Tornado

    Post  Azulafan199 on Thu Jun 09, 2011 6:36 pm

    We have temperay power back going to lose it again here soon. We are working off a generator . There taking the trees don tomorrow morning and they have to disconnect us until then do to safely reasons to. We have a total of 10 trees up against the house, one thinking of falling on the hydro lines and one our car port area. Our paddock fences our down and well the poor horses had to be in the winter area for the day. they where not impressed at that. My poor Toothless the snake is going to need theory after last night. His habitat was hit and his tank as a huge crack in it. Poor guy hasn't left my pocket all day.

    I'm going to be off line probably until Monday just depends if they get the tree problem fixed tomorrow in time before supper. (I hope I'm having WOW with draw)

    Thanks Avalonafallis for posting this for me.

    See you guys at the meet up on sat.

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